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Word Games

To see excerpts from the Missing Letters book itself, visit the Excerpts and Info page, with beautiful illustrations by Leon Thomas. Lesson materials to help students engage in word play and build their phonemic awareness and spelling skills are on the lessons page.

At the bottom of this page is the Missing Letters Movie Game.

What’s below are draft sketches by Leon that didn’t make it into the book as well as some drawings by Samuel Otten (admittedly a writer, not an artist) and submissions by fans of the book. If you think of a missing letter word pair, you’re welcome to put it in the Replies/Comments at the bottom of this page or submit to the Missing Letters Contest.

Missing Letter Word Pairs (not in the book)

Withouth n, MOON becomes MOO. –sketch by Leon Thomas from a request by Mindy, forming an animal sound partner to the banana/baaa word pair in the book
Without p, CLAMP becomes CLAM. –sketch by Leon Thomas in an early draft of the book
A cross-section of some dirt with grass on top and a mole digging, representing "underground," and then the colors are mashed up into gibberish in the next picture.
Without u, UNDERGROUND becomes NDERGROND. –sketch by Leon Thomas in an early draft of the book. We wanted a word that became gibberish with a missing letter and the gibberish example had to be late in the alphabet. This was our first attempt but we went a different direction in the book.
Without s, SNAIL becomes NAIL. –by Samuel Otten
Two characters looking angry and possibly about to fight. But then they come together gently, holding a violet flower. Violent becomes violet.
Without n, VIOLENT becomes VIOLET. –by Chelsea Otten
Without a, CHAIN becomes CHIN. –by Samuel Otten on Twitter
Without b, BRAIN becomes RAIN and BEARS becomes EARS. –by Leslie Dietiker on Twitter
A fast cheetah becomes fat.
Without s, FAST becomes FAT. –by Harvey Otten (age 7)
Without o, ORANGE becomes RANGE. -by Samuel Otten with his kids

Missing Letters MOVIE Game

Name a movie title that is based on a real movie but has a letter missing. Examples are below and you can share yours in the comments below.

A Chinatown movie poster with a Chia doll being towed by a tow truck, instead of Faye Dunaway. Chia Tow.
Chia tow (requested by William Tyson)


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